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What do I need to register for net banking online?

Online registration is available to:

  1. Individual Account Holders, and
  2. Current Account Holders that are Sole Proprietorships.

Please Note: In both the above cases, the account holder must possess an RBS MasterCard Debit Card to successfully register online for NetBanking.

If you are eligible to apply for our NetBanking services, you will have to provide us
     with the following details for to register successfully online:

  1. Customer ID / Customer Relationship Number *

  2. Debit Card Details *

You would also require any 1 of the following to complete your registration successfully:

  • Date of Birth
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Passport Number
  • PAN Number
  • Details of any 2 transactions from your last 10 transactions, conducted through any of the accounts linked to your Customer Relationship Number:

    • Transaction amount in Rupees and paise
    • Debit / Credit Description
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